Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting Over

Jim died six months ago today. Some days it seems a long time and other days its just like yesterday. One thing is constant - how much I miss him.

Jim and I were married 56 and a half years.
It is difficult for me to turn over and step into a world without him.
I wake up some mornings calling out for him when I hear the dog downstairs.
Or, I expect him to be here when I walk back into the house after being out for a while.

We certainly lived out the wish to "grow old together."

But somehow I never really thought ahead to what it would be like when "death did us part."

I was a wife and now


I am a widow.

Learning how to live a new life in a world without Jim is hard.

Harder than I ever imagined it would be.

Post Script:

I just realized - those two pictures are the beginning and the end of our story - like covers opening and closing a book.

I still have those strappy a box in the basement. Since that was a borrowed wedding dress they are the one tangible souvenir of that happy moment.

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