Monday, October 29, 2012

Here Comes Sandy


Since Friday we have been preparing for Sandy, the Frankenstorm. Thank goodness my sister has been here to help Karen get the more "physical" stuff done. I am better but still having trouble with my back and am not good at all with lifting. We would have been in quite a "fix" without Kathy. Here they are covering the wood piles with a heavy-duty tarp and tying it down so that the winds can't pick up the logs and toss them around the yard like missiles.

But, actually the biggest "help" has come directly from Jim.  Karen knows exactly what to do to get ready for storms because Jim taught her. He was determined that his girls would be able to take care of themselves in an emergency - and that has certainly proved to be borne out this week-end. Not only that - over the years he has gathered all the supplies we need to batten down the hatches here - rope, tarps etc. Our cabinets are loaded with lanterns, radios and batteries...all we have to do is get them out and test the batteries already loaded in the lanterns and radios.

 As a doctor, Jim was always classified "essential personnel" during storms and other emergencies and he liked it. He still is our "essential personnel."

I can't see that ever changing.

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